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Konga Crystal Clear

Solution designed for glass, mirrors, inside windshields, PVC. Does not contain...

Konga Office cleaner

Solution designed for officeware cleaning and chipboard furniture. Fragrance: h...

Konga Car shamp Plus

Fragranced car shampoo with additives. Leaves the car shiny once dry. Fragranc...

Auto Cosmetics For your car to look at its best, our company has developed the best car cosmetics. Enhancing the general formulas and making them environmental friendly, we have succeeded into meeting our custom ...( Read all )
Windows professional detergents Our company can supply a wide range of professional windows detergents. Having an extended experience in manufacturing we stand strong in front of any customer request. To place your orders for w ...( Read all )
Professional detergents Our company is one of the largest professional detergents manufacturers. The wide range of professional detergents offered to our customers is complying with international technical and ecological ...( Read all )
Carpet Professional Detergents You don't have to worry anymore regarding carpet cleaning as we have made available the most efficient professional detergents for carpets. To be able to obtain and manufacture the best quality pr ...( Read all )
Professional detergents for toilet items Within our range of professional detergents one can find the very important toilet and bathroom detergents. With an experience of over ten years in professional detergents for toilets and bathroom ...( Read all )

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